Mouse Physiology Laboratory

Welcome to the Mouse Physiology Laboratory website. This UCLA Biosciences Core Facility is dedicated to the phenotypic assessment of mouse and rat models of disease using a wide variety of integrative approaches. Our aim is to provide a cost effective means for investigators to reveal important functional aspects of their mouse and rat models without having to individually invest in hiring skilled personnel and in the purchase of expensive instrumentation. We will work with you to design and implement the study along with any associated grant, animal protocol and manuscript preparation. The laboratory has collaborated with dozens of investigators at UCLA and other institutions worldwide on a wide range of studies leading to numerous peer reviewed publications: Mouselab Publication List

The lab is also capable of certification testing of new drugs or substances intended for human use by performing FDA approved (GLP certified 21 CFR part 58 including part 11 compliance) studies on rodent models. This provides the means for UCLA investigators to start the FDA certification process on campus. This service is in association with the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM).

The Mouse Physiology Lab is directed by Dr. Kenneth P. Roos. The studies are performed by Dr. Maria C. Jordan and the mouselab staff. For more detailed information about the Mouse Physiology Lab services, click on the appropriate buttons above or under "experimental options".

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