Mouse Physiology Laboratory


The daily operation of the UCLA Mouse Physiology Lab Core is supported fees charged for the services rendered. The core was originally established with start-up funds from the UCLA Laubisch Endowment for the purchase of expensive equipment and supply stock. Fees paid by the individual users offset the cost of the core's daily operations and study supplies. Due to the original endowment start-up contribution for equipment purchases, these fees are substantially lower than the costs potentially incurred by an individual lab for the same procedure.

Due to the complicated nature of each study, the rates typically include components from salaries, supplies and equipment operational fees. The fees are set and approved by the UCLA Policy Committee on Sales and Service Activities and Enterprises (POSSSE). Cost estimates will be provided prior to the start of any study after a consultation. The rates do NOT include animal purchases, DLAM mandated veterinary care or per diem costs unless specified prior to the start of the study. Study fees for outside investigators are subject to a 15% surcharge. Contact us for more information and a current estimate.