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Gonen PNAS Cover PNAS Cover (March 28, 2018) from the Gonen Lab is a computer-generated atomic model of a protein scaffolding system. Small proteins, such as those found throughout a cell, are not amenable to detailed analysis by cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). Yuxi Liu et al. designed a self-assembling protein scaffolding system that enables the analysis of small proteins by cryo-EM. Using the scaffolding system, the authors visualized the structure of a small protein in near-atomic detail, potentially enabling the visualization of cellular proteins by cryo-EM. See the article by Liu et al. on pages 3362–3367. Image courtesy of Shane Gonen

PNAS March 27, 2018. 115 (13) 3362-336
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1718825115

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Ms. Joselyn Soto, a Ph.D. student from the Khakh lab, received the 2018-2019 Buchwald Award and a NSF Graduate Fellowship for 2018-2022.

Dr. Jun Nagai, also from the Khakh lab, recently received the Ben Barres Trainee Award CHSL
Jun Nagai, Ph.D.

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Lindsay De Biase, Ph.D

Please join us in welcoming Assistant Professor Lindsay De Biase, Ph.D., to the Physiology team!