Nancy L. Wayne, PhD

Position Title:
Professor, Physiology
Office: 52-039 CHS
Phone: 310-794-1159
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I am a tenured Professor of Physiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. I joined the UCLA faculty in 1992 and the principal investigator of research in the area of reproductive neuroendocrinology. My laboratory investigates the biology of brain cells that control reproductive development and fertility. Our latest work investigates the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals on development of the reproductive system. I have published over 50 peer-reviewed articles in internationally recognized journals in the fields of biomedical/life sciences, gender bias, and laboratory safety.


I am also a dedicated educator, and was co-chair of the first year medical school curriculum for 10 years. I am Vice Chair of Instruction for the Department of Physiology, and I received the School of Medicine’s 2010 Excellence in Education Award.

Laboratory Safety Oversight

As Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, my portfolio is focused primarily on laboratory safety. I am responsible for communications with faculty with the objective of enhancing the effectiveness of laboratory safety programs and policies. I am also Chair of the Advisory Board of the University of California Center for Laboratory Safety ( The Center’s mission is to sponsor and support research in laboratory safety, develop and translate research into applied best practices, and facilitate implementation and optimization of laboratory safety practices.


I helped develop the UCLA Diversity Strategic Plan and was a member of the Chancellor’s Advisory Group on Diversity. I am founder and chair of the UCLA Women in Science Networking Group and founder of Women Advancing Together (, leading workshops on issues that are of interest to women across multiple disciplines.

Research Interests:

Brief movie of our research on the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals that are ubiquitous in our environment on biological functions of the developing reproductive system. (Links to )

Movie page for:
Development of multiple populations of GnRH3 neurons in zebrafish embryos


2017 Campus Leader Who Cares Award, National Campus Safety, Health & Environmental Management Association.
2010 Excellence in Education Award, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.
2007 Distinguished Lectureship in Marine Neuroscience, University of Miami, FL.

Representative Publications:

Reproductive neuroendocrinology: Qiu W, Zhao Y, Yang M, Farajzadeh M, Pan C, Wayne NL. Actions of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S on the reproductive neuroendocrine system during early development in zebrafish. Endocrinology 157(2):636–647, 2016. See related News & Views article:

Gender Studies: Gender Studies: Women Advancing Together blogs:

Laboratory Safety: Schroeder I, Huang DY, Ellis O, Gibson JH, Wayne NL. Laboratory safety attitudes and practices: A comparison of academic, government, and industry researchers. J. Chem. Health Safety 23:12-23, 2016.