Christopher B. Cooper, MD

Position Title:
Professor Emeritus, Medicine
Professor Emeritus, Physiology
Phone: 310-825-4440
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Research Interests:

The UCLA Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory was established in 1993 to promote the discipline of exercise physiology in research and teaching at UCLA campus. The laboratory remains the only facility of its kind at UCLA and provides a foundation for teaching exercise physiology to undergraduates, graduate students, medical students and postgraduate fellows.

The laboratory is also unique at UCLA in being involved in human research in the field of exercise physiology both as pertains to normal healthy subjects such as athletes and also patients with a variety of pulmonary, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases. For example among the currently active research projects is one investigating the effects of surgical repair of chest wall abnormalities and exercise performance and cardiac function in younger patients. Other projects involve patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung inflammation, and muscle diseases. The laboratory has also been involved in the study of alternative therapies such as nutritional supplements and their effects on exercise performance.

The UCLA Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory has important collaborations with other institutions such as the Sports and Exercise Medicine Unit at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, England and the Exercise Science Laboratory at El Camino Community College in Torrance, California.

One of the goals of the exercise laboratory at UCLA is to extend our expertise in exercise assessment to the University and outside community by offering state-of-the-art health and fitness testing. Thus, we have an important relationship with the Wooden Center at UCLA offering performance exercise testing for students and athletes. We also offer health and fitness assessments to members of the outside community linked to exercise prescriptions and follow-up assessments.