Sally Krasne, PhD

Position Title:
Professor Emeritus, Physiology
Distinguished Research Professor, Physiology
Office: 53-159 CHS
Phone: 310-825-8884
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Research Interests:

Over the past 10 years, I have been working on applying principles derived from Cognitive Sciences to the field of medical education. This research focuses on three main areas: 1) understanding the relative contributions of weekly open-book/untimed vs. closed-book/timed formative examinations (i.e. practice tests used for individual feedback) on the performance of students on final examinations, 2) developing and enhancing tools to enhance clinical reasoning skills and methods to assess them, and 3) most recently, developing online practice modules that make use of perceptual and adaptive learning methodologies to enhance pattern recognition in clinical reports such as ECGs, radiographs and histopathology images.

Representative Publications:

Krasne, S., Wimmers, P.F., Relan, A., Drake T.A. (2006) Differential Effects of Two Types of Formative Assessment in Predicting Performance of First-year Medical Students. American Health Sciences Education. 11, 155-17.

Wilkerson, LA, Stevens, C, and Krasne, S. (2009) No content without context: Integrating basic, clinical, and social sciences in a pre-clerkship curriculum. Medical Teacher. 31(9), 812-21.

Krasne S, Stevens C. (2010) Does basic science knowledge correlate with clinical reasoning in assessments of first-year medical students? Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2010;2:1287-94.