Earl Homsher, PhD

Position Title:
Professor Emeritus, Physiology
Office: 52-029 CHS
Phone: 310-825-6976
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Research Interests:

Regulation of contraction; single motor molecule force displacement measurements; the molecular biology of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; single myofibril mechanics and kinetics; in vitro motility; single molecule force measurements and transient kinetics of non- muscle myosin IIB and myosin 18.

Representative Publications:

Sumandea M, Vahebi S, Sumandea C, Garcia-Cazarin M, Staidle J, Homsher E. (2009) Impact of cardiac troponin T N-terminal deletion and phosphorylation on myofilament function Biochemistry. 48(32):7722-31.

Siththanandan VB, Tobacman LS, Van Gorder N, Homsher E. (2009) Mechanical and kinetic effects of shortened tropomyosin reconstituted into myofibrils Pflugers Arch. Aug;458(4):761-76.

Takagi Y, Homsher E, Goldman Y, Shuman H. (2006) Force generation in single conventional actomyosin complexes under high dynamic load Biophys J. 90(4):1295-30.7