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Professor, Department of Physiology
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Hui Sun, Ph.D. Bibliography

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    This paper discovered a new family of anion channels in vertebrate and invertebrate animals and was highlighted in the following scientific news:
    Featured in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute News
    Rated as Must ReadbyFaculty of 1000 Biology
    This anion channel family participates in diverse physiological functions such as tonic GABA release from glia (Science 330:790-6, 2010) and sweat production (PNAS 109: 1199-203,2012).
    The crystal structures of this new type of anion channels have been determined (Science 346:355-9, 2014 and Nature 516: 213-8, 2014)

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  20. This article was highlighted in the following scientific news:
    Science News, Science January 25, 2007
    Research Highlights, Nature 445: 462, 2007
    Editors Choice, Science STKE 373:55, 2007
    Research Spotlight, ACS Chemical Biology 2:142, 2007
    This week in Science, Science 315: 735, 2007
    Research News, The Scientist, January 25, 2007
    Rated as Exceptional by Faculty of 1000 Biology

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