George Sachs, DSc, MD, AGAF

Position Title:
Distinguished Professor, Medicine
Distinguished Professor, Physiology
Office: Bldg. 113, Rm. 324
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System,
West LA Medical Center
11301 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90073
Phone: 310-268-3923
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Research Interests:

On gastric biology of H. pylori using in vivo transcriptome analysis focused on novel methods of eradication using monotherapy including detailed analysis of functions of genes highly upregulated in the stomach. Structure function of the gastric acid pump and novel inhibitors for clinical use. Analysis of transcriptomes of purified parietal, ECL and EC cells to discover novel physiology and mechanisms and therapy of irritable bowel syndrome by functional assays of genes found to change under different conditions. Transcriptome Analysis of normal and carageenin treated rat synovial cells and resident macrophages to discover mechanisms of current therapy of rheumatoid arthritis and find leads for novel treatment. Crystal structure of the acid gated urea transport protein known to be essential for infection by H. pylori and high throughput screening for inhibitors of this channel.